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Unlock Splunk Universal Forwarder service

After restarting a server, I occasionally notice that the splunkforwarder service doesn’t gracefully shut down prior to the reboot.  This makes a geek a little bitter, and when the security peeps get the “no check-in in the past 24hrs’ alert, they aren’t all that enthused either.

Fortunately, a GPO, some PowerShell, and the task scheduler help me out of this bind.  Read on to find out how!

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Adding GUI in Windows 2012 sometimes doesn’t

March 3, 2014 Leave a comment

So, I built a VM template for Windows 2012 R2 member servers the other day, and like any Windows system administrator who really hates using a mouse (yes, we exist), I removed the GUI from the machine.  Since I’m not the only Windows admin in the building, and knowing that some of my compatriots aren’t as mouse-averse as me, I hedged my bet a little and left open the option of adding the GUI back post-deployment.  Unfortunately, while being GUI-free is a good thing, Windows apparently still has a death grip on the legacy, past-its-time command prompt.  This is apparent when you remove the GUI, because the next time you log in, you’re with a command prompt.  Well, being an aspiring PowerShell geek, that just wouldn’t do.  So, I replaced the hideous, less-than-useful command prompt with an automatically-started PowerShell prompt.  All good, right?  Well… Not so much.

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