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The Goals: 2015 Edition

January 3, 2015 2 comments

My last post discussed why I’m setting goals for 2015 instead of resolutions. I wasn’t quite finished with mine at the time of posting, though, so I owe a follow-up post detailing my goals for the coming year.
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2015 New Year’s res… Goals in 2015

January 1, 2015 Leave a comment

They say somewhere around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are by and large ignored, dropped, or otherwise forgotten over the course of the year.  I’ve never been a fan of making them because I, too, make resolutions that fall within that 90%. This year, however, I’m going to try something different: New Year’s Goals.

But why goals instead of resolutions? And what makes me think I’ll be more successful with goals?

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