Inadequate Thanks to Extraordinary people

Losing a parent is a life event most people endure, and it is something I’ve always known I’d have to deal with.  Of course, it should come as no surprise that knowing the train is coming and getting hit by the train are two completely different things. To have that train show up unexpectedly makes the trauma that much more jarring.

Fortunately for my family and me, we are very loved by many people from all parts of our lives. From recently made acquaintances, to long-time friends… From the closest of family members, to distant and infrequently seen relatives… From neighbors in current neighborhoods, to those in neighborhoods left decades ago… To say we have been shown a seemingly endless love, support, sympathy, and kindness is as colossal an understatement as can be made.

Finding the right words for this has been difficult, but only because finding words adequate to the task of expressing our heart-felt gratitude to all of you is no small feat. I doubt even the greatest writers of poems, prose, or lyrics could string together words to sufficiently convey our our appreciation.  In the absence of those words, I’ll just say this:

From me, my family, and especially my dad – who would have been so comforted by knowing all of you have been there for us – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I only hope that someday I am able to return to you the compassion you have shown us in the last several days.


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