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Nine things I (re)learned on my first ride of the year

January 6, 2015 Leave a comment

I took a lunchtime break yesterday and finally got my butt back on the bike in an effort to accomplish one of my 2015 goals.  It wasn’t a long ride – only half an hour. Since this was my first ride since mid-October, the temp was in the upper 40s, and the wind was doing its thing, I didn’t want to kill it (and by “it”, I mean “me”). It served its purpose, though: forward motion, with pedals engaged.

Getting back in the saddle taught me a few things. Read more…

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The Goals: 2015 Edition

January 3, 2015 2 comments

My last post discussed why I’m setting goals for 2015 instead of resolutions. I wasn’t quite finished with mine at the time of posting, though, so I owe a follow-up post detailing my goals for the coming year.
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2015 New Year’s res… Goals in 2015

January 1, 2015 Leave a comment

They say somewhere around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are by and large ignored, dropped, or otherwise forgotten over the course of the year.  I’ve never been a fan of making them because I, too, make resolutions that fall within that 90%. This year, however, I’m going to try something different: New Year’s Goals.

But why goals instead of resolutions? And what makes me think I’ll be more successful with goals?

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Act first. Thank me second.

November 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Today is Veteran’s day, and rightfully my fellow veterans and I have been showered with thanks, from Facebook & Twitter posts, to internal work emails, to the always appreciated in-person shake-of-the-hand. This has been an annual affair for several years now, and one that I do appreciate.

But I wish it would come second.

Why? Because, while it is nice to be appreciated, I don’t really need the thanks. That is not to say I don’t want people showing appreciation for the service given by my brethren and me. In fact, I REALLY want you to show that appreciation. But I prefer your expression of thanks directly to me to be secondary, only after you have first shown appreciation with action.

It is my wish that everyone that posted, tweeted, emailed, etc. that they appreciate my and others’ service would instead take the time to contact their representatives in the House and Senate to tell them to stop monkeying around with veterans’ medical care, retirees’ benefits, and the pay & other compensation for our active, guard, and reserve forces.

Further, it is my wish for every company offering free food, services, and other goodies to veterans today to instead donate the money spent on them to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Disabled American Veterans, the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, etc.

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Unlock Splunk Universal Forwarder service

After restarting a server, I occasionally notice that the splunkforwarder service doesn’t gracefully shut down prior to the reboot.  This makes a geek a little bitter, and when the security peeps get the “no check-in in the past 24hrs’ alert, they aren’t all that enthused either.

Fortunately, a GPO, some PowerShell, and the task scheduler help me out of this bind.  Read on to find out how!

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