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Nine things I (re)learned on my first ride of the year

I took a lunchtime break yesterday and finally got my butt back on the bike in an effort to accomplish one of my 2015 goals.  It wasn’t a long ride – only half an hour. Since this was my first ride since mid-October, the temp was in the upper 40s, and the wind was doing its thing, I didn’t want to kill it (and by “it”, I mean “me”). It served its purpose, though: forward motion, with pedals engaged.

Getting back in the saddle taught me a few things. Actually, most of them were were relearned, but learning is good.  Here are the nine things I (re)learned yesterday on my first ride of the year:

  1. Holy crap, I’m out of shape.
  2. Bike seats are uncomfortable the first few times you use them.
  3. Hydration. Is. Required.
  4. Chip-seal roads SUCK!
  5. Riding into a 15+ MPH headwind sucks, too.
  6. Windproof pants and a windbreaker jacket are a must for sub-50 degree temps.
  7. See #2.
  8. I still love my Garmin 800
  9. Damn, it feels good to be on the bike again.
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