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2015 New Year’s res… Goals in 2015

They say somewhere around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are by and large ignored, dropped, or otherwise forgotten over the course of the year.  I’ve never been a fan of making them because I, too, make resolutions that fall within that 90%. This year, however, I’m going to try something different: New Year’s Goals.

But why goals instead of resolutions? And what makes me think I’ll be more successful with goals?

Setting goals tends to require a little more planning. A resolution, in my experience, is typically some thing you want to do (or not do), and that’s about it. A good goal, however, is SMART:

Specific – Details about the end state are clear.
Measurable – You don’t know if you hit there unless you have some measure of performance. This also requires a starting measurement for comparison.
Agreed upon – The parties involved have to agree on the goal, otherwise everyone isn’t playing from the same sheet of music.
Realistic – In not going to become an astronaut, so setting a goal to do so is folly.
Timelined – Goals, like projects, need a deadline, otherwise the work towards completion will go in in perpetuity (or stop short of completion).

This specificity inherently requires more thought about what you’re planning to do (or not do). 

To aid in my goal accomplishment effort, the timeline for these goals won’t – and doesn’t have to – necessarily stretch to the end of the year. Most of us – especially me – lose focus on long-term projects or other work. Whether it’s because life gets in the way, work changes, or some other reason, progress sometimes stops because we just stop focusing.

So, what are these goals to which I will dedicate time and treasure? I have some ideas, but I need to get them a little SMARTer. I’ll have to give them some more thought before airing them to the interwebs.

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